After 学校 和 In Session: Specialized Group Therapy for 青年


How children spend time after 学校 is influential to their individual development. 参加会议的青少年 绿烟囱学校参加住院治疗, the time outside of class is pertinent to receiving additional clinical support 和 exp和ing their social-emotional growth. 绿色的烟囱 staff build a comprehensive after-学校 program that includes fun 和 recreational programming, 有机会积极探索自己的兴趣, 和 therapy that reinforces healthy relationships 和 skill building.

现在, as 绿色的烟囱 students practice for the next Raptors basketball game, 和 attend Camel Club or one of the many other recreational activities, their after-学校 schedule also includes specialized therapy groups. These groups not only support each child’s therapeutic goals but also incorporate each student’s personal goals.   

In an effort to support collaborative care 和 boost student investment in group therapy, staff in our Recreation Department began preparing months in advance. Last fall staff conducted a survey during which students identified the goal(s) that were most important to them. 一旦数据被收集和分析, staff drafted students into specific group therapy sessions based on each student’s personal responses 和 feedback.


“以这种方式规划团体治疗, 我们有意优先考虑学生的声音,临床协调员艾莉森·尤利斯解释道. “We are supporting students taking ownership of their needs 和 having an active voice in their therapeutic growth.” This is also one of the many ways in which an emphasis is placed on individualized 和 strength-based care, a 核心原则 在绿烟囱.    

Sessions are primarily facilitated by our Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists 和 Licensed Creative Arts Therapists, all of whom have undergone years of extensive education 和 training in their respective fields.


自我意识—Students will engage in interventions that will help them learn more about themselves with the intention of developing an appreciation for who they are 和 an idea of who they want to be.
· Develop self-awareness 和 improve the sense of self
自我表现—Students are given the opportunity to express 和 share their thoughts 和 feelings through the expressive arts.
· Channel challenging emotions into healthier outlets
心理健康—Students will learn how to identify emotions 和 how to h和le them in a healthy way.
· Identify what emotion you are feeling in a given moment
· Learn how to cope with different feelings 和 emotions
我+我们-从了解自己作为个体开始, students will then explore the various social environments that they are a part of, 比如家庭, 学校, 社区, 和在线. 
· Develop awareness of how one’s self affects 和 is affected by social systems 和 environments
与他人联系—Students will practice ways to make 和 keep peer relationships. They will find ways to feel like they belong in a group setting.
· Improve their ability to make connections with peers
· Express feeling like they belong to a group of people
健康的关系-学生将反思他们生活中的人际关系, 提高他们对自己如何影响人际关系的意识, 找出改善他们关系的方法.
· Share about relationships in their lives 和 support their peers who also share
· Reflect on how they affect the people in their lives
· Enhance communication 和 take ownership to improve their relationships
独立—Students will identify 和 practice skills needed for independence. 技能可能包括个人护理, 资金管理, 健康的习惯, 家庭护理, 烹饪, 维护自己的权利, self-agency, 休闲利益, 和经验.
· Feel more confident in completing tasks independently.
· Identify three independent skills they want to improve on.
· Learn how to spend free time 和 embrace activities of daily living


连同其认可 特殊教育项目, 绿色的烟囱 provides intensive structure 和 support to emotionally fragile youth ages 6-21 through 住宅的治疗. Comprehensive programming 和 clinical support outside of the 学校 day help children cope with challenges related to Anxiety Disorders, 注意缺陷/多动障碍, 自闭症谱系障碍, 创伤后应激障碍, 和反应性依恋障碍, 等. 了解更多